Full footage of the Bridge failure

One of the official sources for video tapes about the Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse (1940) is available from:

Ed Elliot, The Camera Shop 1007 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma, Washington USA 98402
ph: (253) 627-4159 fax: (253) 627-6107
Email: shop@camerashoptacoma.com

The video is about 8 minutes in colour, with lots of good pictures of actual bridge bouncing away and collapsing, as well as scale model tests.

Welcome to The Camera Shop with locations in Puyallup & Tacoma, Washington

In 1940 Barney Elliot  and Harbine Monroe got word that the Tacoma Narrows Bridge was about to collapse. They took their Bell & Howell 16mm camera out in the wind and weather to the Narrows Bridge and filmed the collapse.



Other sources include

Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).

The History channel

`Narrows Bridge Collapse' joins Film Registry

John Hartl / Times Staff Columnist

 Posted at 05:51 a.m. PST; Friday, November 27, 1998

The Library of Congress has added 25 more American films to the National Film Registry, including the 1940 short "Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse," by cinematographer Barney Elliott and his co-workers at the Camera Shop in Tacoma.

Elliott, who died in Tacoma last year, four days short of his 91st birthday, opened the Camera Shop in 1937. He and his business partner, T. Harbine Monroe, filmed the twisting bridge, "Galloping Gertie," as it collapsed on Nov. 7, 1940, four months after construction was completed. The footage was shown in newsreels all over the world.



Video clips of the twisting bridge

from various places on the net.



Violent Twisting Motion

File Name = twist-gertie.gif

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The News Paper Reporters Car

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Roller Coaster Effect

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Color Version

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Smaller Version Of Car

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Movies Archive
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5 Star Video!!!

8,461KB 01:04 240x180 Color, No Audio Grand Opening, Rolling, Twisting, Cars and Collapse.
tacoma2.mov 8,155KB ? ? Color, No Audio Swinging Bridge. Sequences from an Austrian Television (ORF) Broadcast.
tacoma1.mov 7,949KB ? ? Color, No Audio Crash. Sequences from an Austrian Television (ORF) Broadcast.
one.mov 2,384KB 00:19 160x160 Color, Audio Twisting, Collapse
tacoma.avi 1,879KB 00:20 248x180 B/W, Audio Twisting, Rolling and Collapse
TacomaNarrowsBridge.mpg 684KB 00:05 160x160 B/W, No Audio Disaster! The Greatest Camera Scoop of all time! Twisting
tacoma3.avi 590KB 00:06 160x160 Color, No Audio  Oscillation
tacoma4.avi 402KB 00:04 160x160 Color, No Audio Collapse
219gerti.ram 1KB 00:20 ? Color, Audio Cox Broadcasting Inc.1999

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