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April 13, 2001 - We have started getting the underwater images of the old bridge exploration from Robert Mester - Underwater Atmospheric Systems and SCRET

April 12, 2001 - The Gig Harbor Peninsula Historical Society and Museum has launched its fifth on-line exhibit, "A Tale of Two Gerties," which focuses on the history of the first and second Tacoma Narrows Bridge.
    The exhibit can be found at the GHPHS web site:  It provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Narrows Bridge: Whose idea was it and why did people want it? Who designed the bridges? How were the bridges built? Why did the first bridge fall? and, What happened to the remains of the first bridge?  The exhibit also includes information on the historical controversies over tolls.  There are historical photographs of both bridges and links to other interesting bridge related web sites.
    The on-line exhibit is a condensed version of the exhibit that was featured at the museum last year to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the first bridge and the 50th anniversary of the second bridge.  Other online exhibits are:  "Women of the Peninsula," "Peninsula Pioneers," "Gig Harbor's Commercial Fishermen," and "Steamboats of the Peninsula."

    To view the site, click here:

March 28, 2001 - Coming Soon - Underwater Images And Movies of how Galloping Gertie Looks on the ocean floor Today!!

March 27, 2001 - Underwater Atmospheric Systems will be going down under the bridge to find Leonard Coatsworth's Vehicle that fell into the water with the bridge in 1940 and maybe his dogs Collar!! We Will be with there too, Giving you up to date information on the progress of locating and the raising of the Vehicle. Keep Checking back for more Details!!

March 25, 2001 - the Website Officially Went Online after 17 Months of Gathering information from just about every source imaginable, solving conflicts of information, implementing new technology, managing contributions and visiting locations like the Historical Society, have produced a web site that we all can be proud of. Those of you who have contributed to the content of this product deserve a big Thanks...and are (should be) listed in the credits. We have come a long way, and are no where near complete. Currently, there are over 1000 files that make up the data base with many more to be created. We are still receiving information from many contributors. We would like to welcome comments regarding the site, content, layout, likes, dislikes or whatever that will extend the integrity of this product. We hope you will get as much enjoyment from viewing this Info Center as we did creating it!

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