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Product Information

Although the products on these pages are offered to the retail on-line buying public, Garden Goodies is first and foremost a wholesale supplier.  If you see a product that you think would sell in your store, by all means drop us an e-mail.   We have pricing plans commensurate to your buying power and welcome any new retail suppliers.

For the jewelry department, we have two different display stands available with minimum orders.  They are made of pine and take up approximately one square foot of counter space.  On the left, our rotating display is supplied free of charge for any initial stock order of 96 pieces (4 per hook).  The stationary display, on the right is available (also free of charge) with an initial order of 48 pieces.  The stationary display can also be mounted on the wall if you so desire.  These are a one time offer to new customers (although you can upgrade and "trade in" the stationary display if you decide to carry an inventory large enough to warrant the rotating model). 

All amounts listed are in U.S. funds

The customer is responsible for all shipping & handling charges and all shipments will be c.o.d. (U.P.S. unless otherwise specified by customer) until such time that other terms and shipping arrangements are made.

Garden Goodies will repair or replace (at our option) any item found to be defective within 15 days of receipt, with proof of purchase.

Garden Goodies assumes no responsibility when products are used in an unsafe manner, therefore, please keep the jewelry products away from small children.

Please use caution when installing any dwelling purchased from Garden Goodies.   Put common sense and safety first and you should enjoy many seasons of wild animal observations using our products.



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