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At present we are offering Personalized Bumper Stickers, Personal License Plate Frames and Custom Self-stick Vinyl Letters, all unique because they are created by you the customer.

However, there is more nifty stuff coming, (like electrostatic signs, magnetic signs and full color decals, holographic vinyls and more letter-style choices,) plus our list of "The World's Best Bumper Stickers" is constantly changing, so bookmark us and keep checking back.


  • PERSONALIZED BUMPER STICKERS - Your statement or ours, one or any quantity.
  • PERSONAL LICENSE PLATE FRAMES -Proclaim your message to the world, one or a bunch of 'em
  • CUSTOM SELF-STICK VINYL LETTERS - For DO-IT-YOURSELF signs of all kinds, your choice of size, color, and letter-style.


    Be sure to visit our data base "THE WORLD'S BEST BUMPER STICKERS ." We invite you to e-mail or otherwise send us your favorite bumper sticker saying(s) to include in our list. If accepted, we'll include your submission(s) and your name in our list. Then you can tell all your friends your name is on the Internet.


    We are a family-operated operation, in business nearly 20 years. We've grown from making a few hand-painted signs in the garage, to a full-fledged computer-based operation serving our region including working on jobs for our local city, state and federal governments. Providing quality workmanship, and going out of our way to satisfy our clients is our modus operandi. You can expect the same quality service, even though you may be located in another part of the country or on another continent.

    For faster service or to request a bid, call 1 800 754-8449. Ask for Ed.

    PERSONALIZED BUMPER STICKERS Ever wished you could find a certain bumper sticker? Well, for just peanuts, you can now have one or several custom-made in your choice of size, brilliant fade-proof color and letter-style as indicated on the BUMPER STICKER ORDER FORM


    There are many and varied uses for bumper stickers, besides sticking on bumpers.
    Some examples -

    For some sample bumper stickers, see our data-base " THE WORLD'S BEST BUMPER STICKERS" You can even send us your favorite bumper sticker sayings to be included in our list, even if you dont order anything. Only positive, up-beat contributions please. If accepted, we'll include your submissions and your name in our list and you can tell everybody that your name is on the intenet, and send them over for a look.



    Use that valuable space around your license plates to proclaim your message, personal or business to the world. Great for sharing your nickname and URL or e-mail address.


    They come in your choice of sturdy black or white plastic frames, and you can select the color and letter-style of the print. The top line has 6 inches and the bottom has 11 inches for your message. Would you believe you don't have to order hundreds? You can order just one. To order see PERSONAL LICENSE PLATE FRAME ORDER FORM



    For the Do-It-Yourself Signmaker.


    Now you can make your own professional looking signs at a fraction of the cost. Apply these permanent self-adhesive letters (or numbers) to wooden, metal or plastic sign boards, to banners, to store or vehicle windows, to vehicle doors, to boats, to airplanes, to widgets or to any more or less smooth surface. You can save up to 80% of the cost of signs made for you at the sign shop.


    You get to choose from a large selection of bright fade-proof colors, sizes and letter-styles. These letters are completely weather-proof and will not fade, even the red ones. As you will see on the CUSTOM SELF-STICK VINYL LETTERS ORDER FORM you can order each line of print in a different size, letter-style and color so you can make some really attractive signs.


    These vinyl letters come to you covered with transfer tape ready for you to -

    1. position,
    2. pull off the wax backing paper
    3. and smooth into place.

    Please realize that there is virtually no size limit. If you need them really big we'll cut them in sections to make it easier for you to handle them.


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